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"In mid-2015,  Hi-Fi Klubben  decided to start setting up stores in Germany,  starting in Hamburg. We started from scratch  and had no experience ourselves. Quickly, we contacted Birgit who helped us to  contact relevant business brokers and we promptly got many leases to choose from. Good advice about customs and pitfalls (in relation to authorities) in the area became useful. We  were recruiting staff and again good advice on searching for  competent employees  was important. Of course, during the building of the first shop, there was a frequent need for quick help from local craftsmen, waste disposal and thousands of other things of a greater or lesser nature. Here too, Birgit's versatility and straightforward approach was  important for us. Half a year later, we opened a great store in Hamburg's City, and now all potential customers in Hamburg, where 1.8 million people live, should hear about  Hi-Fi Clubs, as soon as possible, despite the limited marketing budget. Here, Birgit was the focal point of a complete marketing plan that ensured, that we became visible in the local press (for example, great reports in Hamburger Abendblatt), radio commercials, U-Bahn stations, buses, clubs and many other places. At the opening we had students who distributed flyers throughout the city center and later in the summer we held an open-air concert on the square right at the store ..... Birgit has a wealth of contacts and she has a on point  and solution-oriented approach to achieving what we want without costing more than necessary. "

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