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The Elbe 1 Marketingkontor bridges the gap between the analytical and creative dimensions.


We work with consultants, editors and graphic designers who have known each other for years and can communicate (almost) without second thought. We have been able to gain comprehensive experience working for large, international agencies, which at Elbe 1 we can make available in the shape of a small owner-managed agency.


A USP without a good story behind it remains purely theoretical strategy. A good advertisement idea translates the briefing from an informative message into a relevant (purchase) incentive.

How we get to good results:

With experience and confidence:

For each of our projects, we assemble the right team of experts, irrespective of national borders. Experienced, well-trained and motivated consultants and creatives guard the daily implementation of our standards. On the basis of intensive market, product and competitor analyses, we assess the client’s market challenges in detail. At Elbe 1, guaranteeing qualified and competent consulting is our second skin.



Thanks to our close cooperation with partner companies, we can accompany your projects throughout the entire product life cycle. The central coordination of this process is managed by us. Throughout the entire project and its various tasks and stages, you will always have a single contact partner: us!



It might be surprising that we can provide these services at impressively fair and affordable prices. Our network with low fixed costs makes this possible. This means that even small budgets will provide enough leeway to work for as long as is needed to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the result.

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